Thrill Me, Kill Me

Since we’re talking about scary things this month it’s a great tie in to reading and writing for me. While I love reading contemporary romance, I think my very favorite reads are either romantic suspense or paranormal romance.

First and foremost, there’s got to be a romance. It’s about the relationship. If it weren’t we’d have nothing but police procedurals and straight up thrillers. They have their place, and there are some good ones out there, but again, there must be romance along with the rest. As a reader, it’s not optional.

Broken MirrorA real page turner for me is a book where there’s an out-and-out villain of some sort and a victim. In some stories the victim has a much of a part as the criminal. Someone who’s causing mayhem or committing murder, or well, being murdered. See what I mean? Creepy, huh?

Through the course of my writing, I’ve also discovered I like killing people off in books. Perhaps because in fiction, it’s so opposite of real my life and it’s a way to explore some of the darker sides of our humanity. While I do plot to some degree, the actual manner of death is an organic process. It shows itself as I write and the story unfolds. Which about scared the pants off me when I realized it, but what’s a girl to do? Write it down, of course.

My partner and I have had many conversations over dinner in restaurants about how this or that character could or should die, and it’s turned a few heads. And gave us and our wait staff a few laughs along the way.

Ultimately I think it’s that edge of your seat feeling that comes from good suspense. What’s going to happen next and who’s going to cause it? How is it going to turn out? With a romance involved we know how it’s going to end, but the journey is as individual as every writer out there. And that’s the fun part. I love reading it, and it’s even more of a thrill to write it.

This post wouldn’t be complete without telling you that my favorite romantic suspense author is the ever-talented J.D. Robb. Nora has done such an amazing job with not only the procedural part of the stories but with the ongoing arch between Eve and Roarke. I look forward to reading every one. And I’m a huge fan of J.R. Ward, and LKH’s early Anita Blake novels.

Who is your favorite romantic suspense or paranormal author?

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About Sutton Fox

Sutton Fox has been published by Lyrical Press, Gypsy Shadow Publishing and wrote a bi-monthly column for an auto racing magazine for several years. She traded life in Bluegrass Country for life in the Windy City in a home she shares with The Man, a lonely cat, and her beloved dog, Lucy. When she’s not working the edj, you can find her writing or spending time with her extended family.

4 Responses to Thrill Me, Kill Me

  1. I’ve heard so many people love the J.D. Robb books – I’ve just never tried one (guess I should remedy that!) My mind just doesn’t work in the right way to craft a suspense story – but I do enjoy a little mayhem and murder with my romance. And what fun you two must be as dinner guests! 🙂

    • Sutton Fox says:

      If you do, try one of the earlier ones. They are all stand alones, but there is an ongoing character arch with Eve and Roarke. I do have a mouse pad that says, “I Dream of Roarke.” LOL!! He’s an awesome hero.

      Never thought about it, but we do love to laugh and have fun at dinner!

  2. Nina Croft says:

    I love the JD Robb books as well. I love the touch of Sci-fi in them and of course Rourke!

    I also love Pamela Clare for romantic suspense and Sandra Brown, and so many paranormal authors that I can’t pick one – but I do like the stories with a real bad guy as well.

  3. I don’t read much suspense or paranormal, but I do like a good medical thriller every now and then. I recently read Proof by Jordyn Redwood. It wasn’t heavy on the romance side, but it was a great read.

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