The Wonder of Fall

Hi everyone!

I’m the new kid on the block and I hope to keep each of you entertained during my day each month. I’m Lynn Crain and I write…well…a lot of stuff. LOL! I mainly write sci-fi, fantasy and romance. This includes all their subgenres as well. I do the occasional contemporary when the mood strikes me but overall I love the odd stuff. But on to the reason I’m hear.

Every year while I was living in southern Nevada, the seasons would come and go. Little changed during spring or fall because when you live in the hot southwest, there are truly only two seasons: hot and cold. I’m a seasons kind of girl and had begged my husband to find me a place with seasons. I wanted colorful leaves, I wanted snow and I wanted to see the new life that spring brings.

Well, I’m here to say that the adage ‘Be careful what you wish for’ is so very, very true. My husband was offered a wonderful job that we just couldn’t turn down. There was just one minor glitch…it was in Europe…Austria matter of fact. My husband beamed as he took the job as he’d finally moved me to a place with seasons. Never mind that he also separated me from those I love most…but…that’s another story.

We moved in the late spring of May and I was gone most of that first summer as we hadn’t completely closed up the house. I had to go home and finish that so when I came back, the coolness of the coming fall could be felt in the air. While I was gone, our air conditioner or rather heat pump, was put in so we had a special unit that would heat or cool the main rooms. This was good as I can go either way depending upon the season.

One morning, I woke up and stumbled to my office and gazed out the window. A slow smile spread on my face as I saw, really saw for the first time in years and during the right time, the colors of fall. Our flat overlooks the Schwartzenburg and Belvedere Palaces’ gardens. We’re 4-5 stories up and the view is spectacular.Fall-Resized

Bet you’re wondering just how a building can have 4.5 floors. Well see, there are garden flats in our building and the windows are at street level and slightly below. That gives us the ½ floor. The ground floor is considered floor 0 or earth and the second floor is called the first here. You have no idea how long it took to get the floors right, to understand the dates or to even say hi in German, the language spoken here.

But I didn’t care a twit about all that. I would cope as outside my window were brilliant mauves and golds, reds and even some greens still left on the trees. Fall is when the world winds down so it can get its second wind. It’s laying in the foundation for spring when all the beautiful flowers would blossom and share themselves with the world.

Fall and winter are my two favorite seasons. I love how life seems to slow down a little as kids go back to school, as we get more organized and structured for the cold months ahead. Fall is also new beginnings. Kids go to school for the first time, whether it be college or kindergarten, there’s still a moment or two of angst from both the parents and the child. Moms, who have been waiting for the freedom school brings, can get back to their reading, writing, designing and shaping the lives of their families.

Now while I don’t get that very much any more, I was incredibly amazed when all my kids, grandkids and even my daughter-in-law went back to school. It was fun to watch each of them. My oldest son seemed more jazzed that he got to go back to school. It’s been a while for him. The youngest is excited that he’s finally found something to do. The daughter-in-law needed to learn medical coding/billing so she could go work for a doctor she knows. The twin grandsons were the most excited and they literally bounced to and from that first day. And I know if I find some online classes, I’ll be right there with them. LOL!

How does your household and family react to the season change and new beginning? Do they love it? Hate it? Don’t forget to leave a comment and be entered into our monthly giveaway.

As for me, I’ll be sitting in my office, typing away and watching the leaves turn to those brilliant shades.

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About Lynn Crain

Award winning author Lynn Crain has done it all in her life. From nursing to geology, her life experiences have added to her detail rich stories. She loves writing full time as she weaves contemporary, fantasy, futuristic and paranormal tales, tame to erotic, for various publishers. Her home is in the desert southwest and she’s just returned from her latest adventure of living in Vienna, Austria while her husband worked his dream job. You can find her hanging out online at,, and on Twitter, @oddlynn3. She loves hearing from her readers at

10 Responses to The Wonder of Fall

  1. Welcome to HSG. I love hearing about your life in Austria. Fascinating!

    We are going through a season of change right now. My son just started prek and we have some other changes in the works. I worried a lot about my little guy before he started school. I quickly learned that kids are flexible. It was me that had the most trouble adapting.

  2. Sutton Fox says:

    Welcome, Lynn. Glad to have you here at HSG.

    We love the fall. Our yard has a lot of trees so we try to spend as much time as possible out on the deck this time of year, watching the leaves change.

    • Lynn Crain says:

      Geez…I should have noticed the reply buttons first…LOL!

      Thanks, Sutton, glad to be here too!

      I love watching the leaves change outside my office window. Now if I can get some of that when I’m home, I’ll be happy!

  3. Fall is my favorite time of year, I think it’s awesome that you can now experience the season first hand! I think one of my favorite things about the back-to-school season is stocking up on school supplies (or writing supplies as the case may be) I love new pens, post-its and notebooks.

    • Lynn Crain says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Debora.

      It is so cool being some place I get seasons. It’s so exciting that way.

      And I so get the writing supplies. LOL! I just purchased a few more because I love using them for my task lists. Since I’ve started with the PCers, I’ve been using them up a lot. The DH is extremely happy with that. LOL!

  4. Lynn Crain says:

    Thanks for dropping in, Julie.

    I know what you mean about having little ones and school. My daughter-in-law just put my 3 yo twin grandsons both in pre-school. One needed special schooling because he was developmentally behind, the other was supposed to go but the school filled up. She found him another place only a block away. Now, she’s learning to fill her time again with projects she wants to do.

  5. Nina Croft says:

    I’d love autumn except for the fact that it comes before winter. I wouldn’t mind living in a permanent summer.

    Great first blog – welcome to HSG Lynn!

    • Lynn Crain says:

      Summer is too hot for me any more. Now, I’d love what’s called an Indian summer in the States. It’s somewhere between full blown summer and fall.

      And I must admit, I love the snow. I’ve been here two winters now and it’s absolutely marvelous. I lived in snow up until I was 11 then we moved to the southwest where is snows once every 5 years or so.

      Thanks for the lovely welcome, Nina…I appreciate it.

  6. Jennifer Shirk says:

    Welcome, Lynn!

    I love the change of seasons too!! Although summer is my favorite, I do LOVE the colors and cool weather of fall.

    • Lynn Crain says:

      Thanks for the warm welcome, Jennifer!

      Yes, season change is my favorite time of year. Though I didn’t appreciate walking up and it being cold yesterday…LOL! I wasn’t quite prepared for that yet. I mean, I still have my summer clothes out. LOL!

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