Luck…not writing related

Hey! Before I start, I want to give a lucky shout-out to Maureen Coughlan!! Whoot! She’s the winner of Lynn Crandall’s gift card. Thanks for being with us, Maureen.


I’ve grown up hearing phrases like “the luck of the Irish.” I’m slightly less than 75% Irish myself with 3 of my 4 grandparents being of Irish descent. So I heard all the stories, sang all the songs, and knew, growing up, that I was lucky.

And then one day a good while back, when speaking to a friend about something good that had happened to me, I told her how lucky I was…and she corrected me. Told me I was blessed. No, seriously, I think my mouth fell open. I thought that was pretty ballsy of her…to actually correct me. I remember leaving that visit with a bad taste in my mouth.

But also, having something to think about to.

When we say we’re lucky, are we discounting a higher being and any blessings He has bestowed on us? No. I don’t think so. I have said I’m lucky, and I have admitted I’m blessed. I see a fine line between them… like, lucky to get that last cream filled donut and blessed with another child. Maybe I can see some difference there. But mostly, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I have five beautiful, [somewhat] respectful children, a husband who is my best friend–and yes, i’m lucky to have him because our start wasn’t exactly traditional. I didn’t know him for years, analyze my choices, pray about being with him for the rest of my life, and then make a decision. No, I got lucky he turned out to be such a good man.

So, to that friend whose view was too narrow to understand what I meant… I hope you have been as lucky as I have in this wonderful, blessed life. 😛 And for what it’s worth, correcting people is rude. 😀


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