Pay Yourself First

IS A HABITThe idea of “Paying yourself first” is one my father tried to instill in me when I got my first job…notice I said “tried.”

All those years ago I just didn’t get the concept…at 52, I wish I had paid more attention. LOL

As most of our loyal readers know…this has been a year of change for me, and some habits definitely were in need of an upgrade, or an overhaul, depending on your perception.

I’m now working a full time job…and yes, I do pay myself first with every paycheck, just in case you were wondering.

But, this post isn’t about money. It’s about YOU and what your priority is, each and every day. Turns out when your life is turned upside down and you end up in therapy for 8 months, you learn a few things. The first thing I learned was that it is OK to want to be happy in this life, it’s okay to do something for myself. Knowing what I want from the second chapter in my life and how to achieve it weren’t often on the same page.

Until now.

I’ve decided to truly take to heart the idea of paying myself first.

My goal is to be a successful author (and yes, the idea is subjective…so don’t go there with me right now! LOL) and to achieve that goal, I have to actually produce written work, on a frequent basis! That means I cannot find a host of excuses and reasons why the words didn’t get on the page EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sure, I work a long day, spend way too much time in traffic, am exhausted when I get home…yada, yada. Let’s face it, some nights the chocolate mint chip ice cream is the devil and lures me away from everything else (You’ve been there, right? Right?)

I’ve been setting the alarm a little earlier and earlier each day. Now the first thing I do everyday is take care of my dream…I sit my ass at my computer at 5am and write. This is job number 1! (And it feels really good to check it off my “tasks” list at 6am! BooYah…go me!)

So, I’m not paying myself in dollars, I’m paying myself in words on the page. Each word taking me that much closer to the end goal of a published book.

So, now it’s your turn. Evaluate your life, your dreams and goals…what can you do tomorrow, first thing, to set yourself on that path? How can you invest in your future before you do anything for somebody else?

Good luck and let me know!


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About Debora Dennis

A believer in second chances and that time should never be an obstacle to finding love, Debora writes time travels with modern snark and spice! When she's not writing, she's spending time with her family, reading, or trying to figure out a way to get chocolate into every dish she serves.

3 Responses to Pay Yourself First

  1. Like you, I write in the mornings (but not quite so early!). I get my kids off to school, I sit down, and I write and I love that feeling throughout the day of having written.

    But I love the idea that I’m also taking care of my dream first! Great post.
    Lori Sizemore recently posted…Revisited: Tools of the TradeMy Profile

  2. Beth says:

    SO happy for the writing time. I agree about the writing. Obviously, I’m in a different place than you, so my ‘me first’ feels mostly like ‘me second’ still… Maybe that’s an excuse, but if I don’t think about how my 2yo is going to cry for an hour every time I leave him at hourly care [when they’ll call me to come get him because it’s been an hour], then I would just take him there and be gone for a few hours. Instead, I stay home, do some mommying and then put him for a nap in his own bed.

    This really is putting me first, I’ve decided. If I can do 3 hours at home, why do I feel the need to leave, right? LOL 😀

    Anyway, so true about taking time for ourselves. That is the payment we can make!!

  3. Lynn Crain says:

    I totally agree with this concept. Having had businesses before, and not paying myself first, it was tough to want to continue them.

    Yet, it is so true that we as authors need to plant our tush in the chair to be able to accomplish this goal. Right now, I still feel as if I’m in flux. While things have settled down, I don’t find myself in front of the computer as much as I need or want.

    Now that doesn’t mean I’m not writing. Right now, I’ll take anything and that anything happens to be in the form of a notebook that I frequently pull out and write on. I then transcribe it in a file. It’s not the best but I am at least writing to the tune of about 1000 words a day.

    Thanks for a wonderful article, Debora. I enjoyed it and it got the creative juices flowing!

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