Movies for Mom

So, this month we’ve been talking about movies and Mom. We’ve had the best movie mom and other movies with great motherly roles and we’ve even had Barbara Bates share her experience with watching movies. So keeping with the trend…and being the man-candy crazy author that I am, I decided to blog today…about movies mom’s love. And I’m not talking about the kind we like because they’re kid friendly or because they’re super deep and intellectual.

I’m talking about the kind we go see with our sisters or our girlfriends…or even alone. This isn’t necessarily because the men and the children in our lives wouldn’t enjoy them, but rather because we’re in major need of curbing–yep, you guessed it–the man-candy craving. Here are some of my favorites:

Magic Mike, of course!

Movie 1







Movie 3





G.I. Joe: Retaliation (we’ve all seen this image on Facebook, right? 😉 )

Movie 2






So, how about you? How you watched any movie with ulterior motives? Tell us all about them!!


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Molly is a talker. Get her chatting about books (or book boyfriends) and she can go for hours. Socializing is her favorite part of blogging with a bunch of like-minded authors. It's like having coffee with your friends at all hours of the day. Molly also likes coffee. A lot. Blogging at HSG? It's a win-win in Molly's book!

4 Responses to Movies for Mom

  1. Jennifer Shirk says:

    I watched 21 Jump Street with the hubby because of Channing Tatum. LOL

  2. Molly McLain says:

    And I plan to watch the sequel with my son because if Channing Tatum.

  3. Sutton Fox says:

    Casino Royale is always one I stop to watch when it’s on. 🙂

    Love your list, Molly! Yum.

  4. Lynn Crain says:

    You know, I’ve never seen Magic Mike but I do hear it’s good for a girls night out. And the Avengers is awesome…I might just go watch it again…LOL!

    I just saw GI Joe ~ Retaliation and I know the critics panned it but it was pretty good.

    Frankly, I love anything with a lot of action because you are bound to see a buff body or two. I especially love the X-Men franchise and a few others.

    Thanks for sharing your favorites, Molly!

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