Summer Lovin’ & Movie Music



Admit it…you started singing this, didn’t you? That’s okay. So did I. It’s hard not to! Such a catchy tune!

Anyway, I started this blog intending to talk about great beach reads, because reading is my absolute favorite thing to do in the summer. We went camping for Memorial Day and I devoured Lexi Ryan’s entire Wish series. What is it about books when the sun is shining and you’ve got a cool drink at hand? They just seem SO much better, don’t they?

Well, I shifted directions and today we’re going to talk about movie music instead. But Molly, you say, May was movie month. Yes, yes, I know. And I totally blame Youtube for this post. I went in search of the above link and, well, the Youtube sidebar was too tempting and before I knew it, I’d watched a bunch of videos for my favorite summer movies. Not so coincidentally, they’re all chick flick type movies. I do write romance, you know! *smile*

My favorite is probably the soundtrack from Dirty Dancing. It never fails–even if it’s the middle of February–when I hear She’s Like the Wind, Hungry Eyes or Time of My Life….I wanna roll the window down and let the wind blow through my hair. Watching those videos, I also realized where I got my urge to write books. I think I watched that movie a hundred times the summer between 6th and 7th grade. And that’s probably not an exaggeration. Frankly, I’m surprised the VHS tape didn’t start on fire.

How about Top Gun? I was never a big fan when it was popular, but I watch it now and I could totally fangirl over Tom Cruise before he became a jaded crazy person. This song and this video? Seriously hot stuff. Makes me wanna join Netflix again just so I can binge on old Tom Cruise movies. *sigh*

Then there’s Armageddon and this song, which made me think of Pearl Harbor and this Faith Hill classic. Okay, so I might’ve watched that video and sobbed like a flippin’ baby. I know PH isn’t the most popular movie among romance authors, but I love it to pieces. I may have named Josh in Can’t Shake You after Josh Harnett. In hindsight, I realize that my plot (boy meets girls, boy goes off to war and girl falls for boy’s bff at home, only to have boy return) is also a bit much like the PH plot. That, my friends, must’ve been entirely subconscious because it certainly wasn’t planned. It must also be a testament to how hard I love that movie. Netflix is sounding better and better with every passing second…

Anyway, I could go on and on–and on–but I’ll stop and let you take a turn sharing your favorite movie songs. I can think of at least a half dozen more of my favorites. I bet you name them!!!

Happy Tuesday! ~Molly

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