Freak me out!

It’s that time of year! Partly through Fall, and of course, ghosts and goblins are here to come out to play, and I’m sure you’ll be dressed as one or you’ll encounter one before the end of the month.

Usually Halloween makes me think of everything scary…and who wants that? Okay, I may be a little boring and not as thrilling as most but…I’m a chicken all right! I get scared from watching Scary Movie 3 (no joke. I see that girl from the well along the side of the road…and I admit, I get nightmares from funny scary movies. Don’t judge!).

Here’s five things that also freak me out:

1. Killer scenes in my writing when I attempt to write suspense – okay, so I scare myself here, but I can’t help it if my muse likes to mess with me.

2. My wardrobe not fitting me – who can afford to buy a whole new wardrobe? You can? Adopt me!

3. Chucky…and his girlfriend-maybe it’s a childhood thing, but my sister used to make me watch it with her and I would have nightmares for a week straight.

4. Superstitions that come true- my parents are pretty superstitious. Every time they call me and tell me that their eye is twitching and to be careful…I want to hide under the bed covers and bubble wrap myself!

5. Extinction of cupcakes – who can live without cupcakes?

Okay, I may sound nutty, but they’re true!

So tell me, what makes you scared or freak out?


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About Clarissa Yip

Constantly on the run, Clarissa leads the life of adventure and mischief. When she's not getting herself in trouble, she's usually busy studying the art of eating and curling up with a good book or spending numerous hours reading and writing. It's really hard to find her in one place for too long...

4 Responses to Freak me out!

  1. I can’t watch or read anything about kidnapping or about someone getting trapped or buried alive. Those two things freak me out!

  2. Nina Croft says:

    Lol – We don’t get cupcakes here, so I’m obviously already pretty freaked out!

  3. Sutton Fox says:

    Horror movies freak me out! Can’t watch them because I have nightmares for days after. Now I can read the stuff all the time. Just can’t watch it. lol!

  4. Please don’t even mention the extinction of cupcakes! I’m terribly, unreasonably, afraid of crossing rail road tracks. There I said it.

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