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Hey, all! Jennifer here.

© Cristina | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Cristina | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The theme this month at the Heart-Shaped Glasses blog is SCARE ME, which had me thinking…

In all the YEARS I’ve dressed up for Halloween, I’ve never dressed up as something scary!!

This stems from the fact that I scare easily. Or I guess you could say that I am a weenie. 🙂

Either way, here is a list of

The Top 10 NON Scary Things I’ve Been for Halloween

1- Red Riding Hood—I was young. My mom made the costume.

2-A Bunny—Yes, the ultimate in weenie apparel. But my mom made that too.

3- Little Bo Peep—It’s getting worse, isn’t it?

4-A Nurse—not weenie, but maybe too nice

5-A French Maid—ok. Now we’re talking. But still. NOT scary.

6-Thelma from Scooby Doo—Are you seeing a weenie pattern here?

7-1920’s Flapper- Oooh, run for the hills.

8-a Hobo—is that even politically correct today?

9-Pink Poodle– Yes, PINK. I can’t make this up!

10-President Reagan –I was in high school. What was funny was that my friend dressed up as a sheik (complete with stereotypical dark sunglasses and turban) and people made us pose for pictures all day, shaking hands like we were making an oil deal. LOL

Hmm…maybe that last one was a little scary.

Obviously, I am not only a weenie but a GEEK too. 🙂

What about you? Do you like to dress up as scary things for Halloween or are you like me?

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5 Responses to DON’T Scare Me

  1. Hmmm. I don’t think I’ve ever dressed up as anything scary either. When I was a kid, it was usually a black cat. My latest costume was Flo from the Progressive commercials. 🙂

  2. Sutton Fox says:

    I have. (Did you doubt that? Really?) It was one of those Halloween at the theme park things. My friend was a princess and I was a witch. I had one of those green stick on rubber masks that move with your face. It was great fun riding all the rides, until I popped around a corner and came face to face with some little kids. They cried! Trying to console them only made it worse, so I just had to walk away. It was awful.

    Of course my own teen laughed at me and said, “Wow, Mom, it’s really you.” 🙂

  3. JUlie: Flo from the Progressive commercials is awesome!! LOL

    Sutton: Oh my gosh. Well, it’s good we can laugh about it now. 🙂

  4. I’m usually one to throw on a witch hat or something silly. The last time I dressed up (a work theme) we did 80’s style. I’m definitely more fun than scary–and I hate the sexy (insert noun) costumes.

  5. Nina Croft says:

    I’ve never dressed up for Halloween. I think I might have to this year!

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