binge, v. binj/

gerund or present participle: binging
indulge in an activity, to excess.
context: “I’m binging on a new show.”
synonyms: to overindulge, to gorge

Yep. It’s true. I’m binging.

It used to be that if you told someone you were “binging”, they’d ask you why you were overeating. But now, “to binge” has a new meaning–specifically, “to watch too much television”. Or–even more specifically–“to watch back to back episodes of a particular show”.

My husband and I are binging on The Great Food Truck Race. imagesWe started watching it on Saturday; today is Tuesday, and just a few hours ago, he said, “Oh! There are five seasons. Only one left!” So…seven episodes per season, each one about forty-nine minutes long, that means we’ve actually consumed about…well…many hours of tv. Too many hours.

Other things we’ve binged on are Blue Bloods (Tom Selleck only improves with age), and Kitchen Nightmares, download (1)with Gordon Ramsey. Ordinarily, watching cooking shows results in my husband wanting to become a chef; this means he starts making dinner every night and going to the market in search of “quality” and “whole” foods. (I’m not complaining. He’s actually a really good cook.) Unfortunately, binging on Kitchen Nightmares before bed after a day of binging on Rue Paul’s Drag Race also results in some rather strange dreams which include Gordon Ramsey dressed in drag and wearing a basket of fruit on his head. (No offense, Chef, but you make a horrific-looking woman, especially when you wear fruit, bright red lipstick and gold hoop earrings.)

One of the shows my kids and I enjoy binging on is images (1)Supernatural. Part of this is because it’s got a compelling story line, great and frequently unexpected dialogue and situations, wonderful characters and a close-knit group of actors and fans. It’s also got a shiny black car and an excellent soundtrack. But binging on this particular show is hazardous to one’s life–it’s run for eleven seasons; ten of which are available to watch. Twenty-one episodes per season (except for one season, which was cut short by a writers’ strike), forty-nine minutes per episode–it’s a show that can consume you whole for days. (Though to be honest, any one of this particular cast could probably get away with dressing like a woman and wearing fruit on their heads in dreams or real life.)

Once upon a time, books would absorb you into their worlds–now it’s television shows. As a writer, this makes me somewhat sad, but on the other hand, I appreciate the fact that I can share the experience of characters I love with family members in a shared watching of a show. Or, we can appreciate lessons learned, like running a food truck and using quality ingredients. In the end, when it comes to binging, I’d rather consume chunks of all absorbing worlds than actual food. At least, there are a lot less calories.

Do you binge? What are some of your favorite shows to consume whole?

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Cyn D. Blackburn is addicted to love. And caffeine. She lives with her husband (of 20+) years, three children, two dogs, two guinea pigs and one terribly outnumbered cat. She knows that nothing eases the difficulties of life--and falling into love--more than a little humor.

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  1. I am a binge-watcher addict. Supernatural is on my list, as well as Gilmore Girls, Bones, and The Blacklist. That’s just lately.

    I’ve been known to do what you did, and watch entire seasons to view the entirety of a show.

    I don’t think it’s so sad, though. To me, it’s story in another medium. There’s a lot to be learned from it, including pacing and structure.
    Lori Sizemore recently posted…Guest Blog: L.A. KelleyMy Profile

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